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The Lyonpaedia is a two-fold project. On the one hand we have the Lyonpaedia RPG, a role-playing game. On the other hand we have the Lyonpaedia itself, a repository of information centered on the French city of Lyon in the mid-fourteenth century. The Lyonpaedia RPG is designed to be played in the city of Lyon.


August, 2010

After years of inactivity there has been a small amount of movement with the Lyonpaedia project.

Firstly, we upgraded the software to the latest version. As a result the wiki is much easier to use and administer.

Secondly, we have our own URL and website for the wiki. This makes it a lot easier to maintain the website and advertise its existence.

We are in the midst of developing our own game. In line with the game's development we will be re-developing the Lyon gaming environment as detailed here in the Lyonpaedia.

-- Griffin Grove Gamers



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